The FastEasyLoan TeamHello!  We  created FastEasyLoan to help regular people make better choices about who they borrow from.  We’re a  team of friends who all work, or have worked, in personal finance and have specialized in serving customers with sub-prime credit scores.  Seeing how people from all walks of life can make a bad choice and end up spiraling into a ‘black hole of debt’ has been really humbling and we decided to pool of resources and experience to start our own independent financial consultancy that puts the customer (and not our bonuses) first.  We aimed to “give something back” to our community by making use of our talents, skills, and  extensive experiences gained while working in personal finance.   Our consultancy helps people who are on a limited income, strict budget, or who have a lot of debt make the best and most productive choices possible so they can consolidate debt, improve their credit rating, and access the best personal lending available.

Our research and hands-on experience shows us that loans for poor/sub-prime credit are the most asked-about financial product; however there is not much real, useful advice available.  Search results throw up many hundreds of obviously spammy results, with any actual solid information buried several pages deep.  “long term loans” when used as a search gives results that are particularly egregious; inconsistent, and with nonsensical reviews of lenders that one can only conclude are written by shills who are not interested in giving out useful financial advice.  This tells us that most ” bad credit loans” information in the top-level search engine results is probably created by  affiliate marketers, rather than lending experts and any “customer experiences” are probably also fictitious.   This site has unbiased reviews, and genuine customer testimonials, that we personally vet for legitimacy. We review the most helpful short term loans, and long term loans from a wide variety of lenders who we believe are the most helpful in the industry, when it comes to providing great personal lending products to customers who have outstanding debt or poor credit histories. We only accept comments from REAL customers- so that their experiences can help other people in a similar position to make a good choice about a prospective lender.

We don’t play the “blame game”; we don’t judge.  Our time working in finance has show us that poor credit is often not the customer’s fault-bad luck can happen to anyone!  We prefer to look forward for solutions, rather than backward.  Our showcased reviews of trusted, proven lenders offer a friendly welcome to ALL customers, and everyone qualifies for a second chance, or even a third, fourth and so on!  Whatever your credit history, you can relax, because you’ll get great service from our featured lenders.  Do you need a short term loan, or a long term loan?  Do you want to try your hand at working for yourself with your own business, or do you want to see what your options are for a comfortable future?   We put many hundreds of lenders and personal loans to the test so that we could make it EASY for you to get the lowest interest rates possible, in just a few minutes. Why? Because we believe everyone deserves a convenient, affordable loan that doesn’t hang around.

The people who most need great personal financial advice are the ones who can’t afford it.  Loan-Republic is your free online advisor! You can trust us- because when you want to get your money under control, stick to a monthly budget AND afford a great loan, we won’t let you down!

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