Bad Credit Loans with Guaranteed Approval – Really?

get a loan with bad credit and approval that is guaranteed

Bad credit loans?  Guaranteed approval?  Fast payout?  A payment schedule I can afford?  Flexible terms if my paycheck is late?  This is the “loan wishlist” for many hundreds of thousands of people seeking affordable, forgiving loans and yet the reality is that they have to compromise and settle for a lender who might tick most of the boxes, yet fails on one that just so happens to be crucial during your loan term.

For example, bad credit payday loans?  Guaranteed approval?  Not for most applicants!  Did you know a staggering 82% of ALL payday loan applicants are asked to mail or fax in additional paperwork, making a mockery of the instant, guaranteed approval almost all payday loan lenders claim.  Far from being a fast solution to an uncomfortable cash shortfall, a loan with many “lesser” payday loan lenders can be a slow, difficult process.

Other types of personal loans for bad credit without a credit check?  Approval guaranteed?  Maybe for one lucky customer in ten: most applicants have a long, uncertain wait ahead of them.

Something needs to change, and FastEasyLoan believes that change begins now.  That’s why we are proud to introduce a new industry standard that we hope you’ll grow to trust: FastEasyLoan’s “Financial Freedom®” loan guarantee.

As you can see, not all bad credit personal loans are created equal.  FastEasyLoan wants to balance the scales in YOUR favor.  By choosing one of our reviewed lenders who has been awarded FastEasyLoan’s guarantee, you know you’ll be in safe hands.  You can borrow in confidence as a bad credit customer, knowing you will enjoy the same level of service most regular lenders extend only to “good credit” customers.

With our guarantee, you can be certain you’ll get a loan or cash advance that reflects the lowest applicable APR, so that you pay only minimal costs as you borrow.  You will get understanding, dynamic service, speedy payouts, flexibility, and fair and affordable repayment schedules that are based AROUND your personal budget.  You’ll never need to choose between fulfilling your loan and life’s essentials again.

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Why not see what our Top Bad Credit Loan Lenders have to offer you today?

MaximusMoney - a premier short term loan for people with bad credit provider


MaximusMoney offer competitive short-term no credit check loans, with “middle ground” repayments.  Borrow up to $5,000 with comfortable repayment terms.  This lender functions as a “hybrid lender” whose loans fuse the speed of small-capital short term lending with the comfort of long term installment lending repayment plans.

Get an installment loan with bad credit - FundsJoy


FundsJoy are THE industry leaders for generous long term installment loans that are suitable for all customers, particularly those with bad credit loans are available today of $5,000+ with comfortable repayment terms.

get a short term personal loan for people with bad credit from Vivaloan


For a long-term loan that won’t hang around, try this alternative, VivaLoan who can lend you $100-$15,000 with next-day depositing for most customers.  “One click” is all it takes to cover a cash emergency-fast.

Our loan lenders who offer bad credit loans with guaranteed approval have what it takes.  Team up with them and take the next step to a brighter future.

So, how does our loan guarantee work, and how can it benefit people who want to get approved for a loan, with bad credit? Let’s take a look at that “loan wishlist” earlier in this article.  To make the grade and be awarded our coveted FastEasyLoan’s “Financial Freedom®” guarantee, our reviewed lenders MUST provide a satisfactory answer to each of these five criteria:

  • Bad credit lenders?  The lender must specialize in targeted loans that are suitable for people with bad credit and no credit.  This is often, but not always related to your FICO score.  Oftentimes, perceived “risk” hinges on your status: as a person with a disability, an unemployed American, a single parent, veteran, senior, student or person with an unpredictaable income you can be unfairly categorized as a risk with an average or above average score.  Our “Financial Freedom®” guaranteed lenders promise never to check your credit score.
  • Guaranteed approval?  A must.  Too many people with credit problems have to play “the waiting game” when applying for a loan.  This is simply unacceptable.  Our “Financial Freedom®” guaranteed lenders will approve you, most of the time within minutes of filling in their secure, encrypted online form requesting a loan, and will let you know immediately exactly what you qualify to borrow without obligation to proceed.
  • Fast payout? This is non-negotiable.  Poor credit loan applicants cannot afford to wait for the cash they so desperately need.  Our “Financial Freedom®” guaranteed lenders will deposit funds into your account of choice as soon as the next day.
  • A payment schedule I can afford?  All lenders must offer a choice of loan terms applicable to the customer’s budget, and allow them to choose the one they are most comfortable with.  Our “Financial Freedom®” guaranteed lenders promise to provide only the most relevant and affordable payment schedules to every customer.
  • Flexible terms if my paycheck is late? You need customer support you can trust.  If you anticipate difficulty making an installment payment do not hesitate to get in touch with your lender.  Our “Financial Freedom®” guaranteed lenders are committed to working with each and every customer to resolve any issues as they arise.

The FastEasyLoan team understands the unique, hard challenges customers with low credit scores face when trying to raise collateral or find services.  While terms and products vary, our lenders and finance companies are committed to offering an option that gives a fair interest rate to a larger customer base.  This means when you apply with one of them, any decision depends on the type of finance, and your ability to manage paying back the credit based on your household budget.

Applying for credit with most banks means a hard credit check is required, even for a long standing customer.  This is the basis of their assement of your ability to satisfy your debt with the bank.

There are new ways a finance company can asses you, that doesn’t require or impact your score and while you will pay more as a “risk” to their business, a FastEasyLoan lender will not seek to take advantage of you.

The FastEasyLoan website gives a new approach to help people who need solutions for their debt situation. We help you learn and understand all aspects of the finance business, with a growing database of free, informative articles that include topics like: traditional risk checking, direct payday offers, consolidation bureaus, consumer rights in all states, policy making, instant products to build higher credit scores, collateral requirements for short term decisions, unsecured applications, means tested payment with a small paycheck, applying for a low interest credit card, details to look for to ensure you can repay by the date you and your lender agree, and much more.

If you require credit at a fair rate, think before you submit that application form! Are you making an emotional decision? Is the type of finance offered to you based on dynamic customer contact? It helps to be able to talk to a person if you have a problem with funds, credit cards, privacy worries or might need to pay an installment late.

Once you’ve started on the road to “perfect” credit, you are guaranteed to get better treatment as a customer next time you explore your ‘good’ credit options.  When your account is in good standing you become approved for finance products with rates reserved for people with good credit scores.  It might take a few years, but each positive step is a step forward!

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